Unvented Hot Water Installations based in Harrold, Bedfordshire

What is an unvented hot water cylinder?

Unvented hot water cylinders operate at mains pressure, offering much better flow rates, meaning your shower and bath performance should be higher. The other major benefit is that you don't need to maintain a cold water tank in the loft (which vented systems require). An unvented hot water cylinder is ideal for those who are faced with hot water shortages and are looking to improve the overall performance of the hot water supplied throughout their home.

Why choose J.E.S. Heating & Plumbing Ltd?

Now that we have established the benefits of having unvented hot water installed in your home, the question now is why you should choose us to carry out this installation. For starters, we have over 15 years of experience in the heating and plumbing industry and in our time have carried out a great number of unvented hot water cylinders, meaning we are confident in our abilities and in the quality of our workmanship.

As a small family run business, we pride ourselves on offering excellent personal service. We can be flexible and provide you with a hassle free experience. We really enjoy the work we do and care about our customers. Each and every installation is carried out with the same level of professionalism and we are committed that all of our customers are left satisfied with the work we do.

Fully qualified to install unvented hot water

Please note that not everyone has the proper qualifications to carry out the installation of unvented hot water cylinders. Not even everyone who is Gas Safe Registered is fully qualified to deal with line of work. We highly suggest that you ask for an engineer or company's credentials before letting them carry out such work in your home. You can check our credentials out at the Gas Safe Register.

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